Putumayo Department

Putumayo department

Demonym: Putumayense

Total extension: 25.648 km2

Población: 345.204 Habitantes (Proyección DANE 2015)

Densidad: 14.77 Hab/Km2

Capital: Mocoa – 42.074 Habitantes (Proyección DANE 2015)

The department of Putumayo offers innumerable tourist attractions from the natural, cultural and scientific point of view. Among its main tourist attractions are the waterfalls the end of the world, the eye of God, the Paway center, the CE, the natural national park La Paya; with attractive landscapes and great diversity in flora and fauna; the archaeological park of the Vides, Yunguillo, the mountains of Churumbelo, the Mandiyaco Canyon, the Sibundoy Valley and the Amazon plain.

Equally there is ethno - cultural diversity, which allows activities of ecological conservation, management of natural scenarios, attractions for ecological, scientific, sports, recreational and social tourism. Additionally it has the indigenous reserves of Afilador, Santa Rosa del Guamuez, Santa Rosa de Sucumbíos and Yarinal San Marcelino. Annual festivities of the indigenous groups are celebrated annually.

The Department of Putumayo is located in the south of the country, in the region of the Amazon, located between 01º26'18 '' and 00º27'37 '' north latitude, and 73º50'39 '' and 77º4'58 '' west longitude . It has an area of ​​25,648 km2 which represents 2.2% of the national territory. It limits by the North with the departments of Nariño, Cauca and the Caquetá river that separates it of the department of Caquetá, by the East with the department of Caquetá, by the South with the department of the Amazon and the rivers Putumayo and San Miguel that separate it of the republics of Peru and Ecuador, and by the West with the department of Nariño.