• Demonym: Colonense
  • Inhabitants: 7,804 (urban3,072 inhabitants and rural 4732)
  • Foundation Date: May 10, 1916
  • Total extension: Its surface extension is 75.38 Km2
  • Extension urban area: 3.702 inhabitants 1.21 Km2
  • Extension rural area: 2.231 inhabitants 74.17 Km2
  • Altitude of the municipal head (meters above sea level): It is located at an altitude between 2,100 and 3,500 meters above sea level
  • Average temperature: It is framed within an approximate area of 820 square kilometers, with about 3,850 ha used and 4,350 ha in wastelands its average climate is 16 degrees Celsius, which fluctuates between 8º C degrees in winter and 21º degrees Celsius in epoch of summer.
  • Reference distance: 90 km with reference to Mocoa capital of Putumayo

Colón is a municipality of Colombia, located in the south of the country in the department of Putumayo. The present population of Colón was founded with the name of "Sucre" by its founder, the religious Fidel de Monclar, In 1936 the definitive name of "Colón" was adopted. This town is recognized bacause of its humble people and their magic waters.