• Demonym: Mocoano-a
  • Total extension: 1,263 Km2
  •  Extension urban area: 580 Km2
  • Rural area extension: 740 Km2
  • Altitude: 604 masl
  • Average temperature: 24.8 ° C
  • Inhabitants: 43 731 inhabitants
  • Foundation Date: March 6, 1551
  • Distance of reference: 618 km to Bogotá

Mocoa, officially San Miguel de Agreda de Mocoa, is a Colombian municipality, which serves as the capital of the department of Putumayo, in the southwest of Colombia, being the second municipality with the largest population in the department. Founded on September 29, 1563 by Captain Gonzalo H. de Avendaño, its economy is based on agriculture and commercial activities. The city is also a social reference point for settlers approaching departmental lands, attracted by oil exploration. It is the only departmental capital of Colombia that is not the most populous municipality.


The most important economic activities are mining. Agriculture and livestock are only seen in the high Putumayo. Cultures of maize, banana, yucca, pineapple, chontaduro fruit and palmito, sugar cane and in smaller scale rice, yams, vegetables and beans. Livestock has large milk surpluses mainly in the Sibundoy Valley. Oil deposits have been discovered in the municipality of Orito, considered among the largest in the world. There are deposits of gold and alluvium in the geological formations of the so - called Colombian Massif, especially in the Central - Eastern Cordillera. It is currently exploited in the Curiyo and Cascabel rivers, tributaries of the Caquetá, and even in this river it is also extracted in the San Pedro, a tributary of Putumayo in the Sibundoy Valley.


Mocoa, the capital of the department of Putumayo, is an appetizer of what awaits those who enter the Amazon. This city, founded on March 6, 1551, has an average temperature of 24.8 ºC and connects the cold towns and surrounded by mountains of the Sibundoy valley with the plains of the south where many rivers run through the jungle.

Hidden in Amazonian lands, the waterfall of the End of the World, 75 meters, is surrounded by a virgin landscape that connects the visitor with nature, is located at km 6 via Mocoa to Villagarzón. The Cave of Licamancha is also a cave created by the dissolution of the rock through the years and with the constant abrasion of the water against the internal cavities give you various forms where you can practice speleology. In Mocoa you will find different forms of tourism.