Puerto Asís

  • Demonym: Asisense
  • Foundation Date: May 3, 1912
  • Total Area: 2610 km²
  • Average altitude 250 masl
  • Distance: 90 km to Mocoa1
  • Population (2016): Total: 60 792 hab.2, Urban: 33 362 hab.

Puerto Asís is a Colombian municipality located in the department of Putumayo. It is located on the left bank of the river Putumayo, below the mouth of the river Guamuez, 88 km. By road south of Mocoa (capital of the Department).

It is the city of greater population of the department of the Putumayo with about 55.759 inhabitants according to Census of the DANE in the year 2005. In Puerto Asís it concentrates the 18.0% of the population of the department, with a population densidad of 20,1 hab / Km².

They cross the city from south to north, two pipes and a ravine (Puente Roto, Obrero and Singuiyá). The temperature oscillates between 27 and 31 degrees. In hot weather the thermometer reaches 37 degrees.It also has the 3 de Mayo Airport with a length of 1.7 km, from where you can travel to Cali, Bogota, Medellin, Ipiales, Pasto, Florence, Neiva and Puerto Leguizamo.In addition, it is a terrestrial or fluvial route to Ecuador, Orito, La Antiga, Mocoa, Leguízamo, Amazonas, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.


It was founded on May 3, 1912 by the religious Capuchin missionaries, Father Estanislao de Les Corts and brother Ildefonso de Tulcán. The population took the name of the patria of San Francisco (Italy), and like spiritual father to the saint of Assisi.


In the primary sector of the economy, agricultural activities are carried out, among them the cultivation of traditional and fruit products such as banana, cassava, maize, rice, cane, chontaduro, pineapple and palmito.

Livestock activities are basically related to the breeding of cattle, for 2005 it reported a population of 32,380 heads of cattle established in 11,600 hectares. (4,600 animals), poultry (66,000 animals) and fish farming

Culture and Tourism

  • From January 3 to 7, the Black and White Carnivals are celebrated.
  • On January 3, the Putumayo River Regatta is held in which more than 6,000 people go out to sail on tires and craft ponds along the Putumayo River, from the El Ferri bridge in Santana, located 17 kilometers from the municipal seat , To the port of Hong Kong, in a route of approximately 5 hours, this being a great attraction that congregates thousands of tourists from all over the country.
  • January 4 is destined for the Carnival as Multicolor Day, 5 is Black Day, 6 is White Day and the festivities are closed with the coronation of the Carnival Queen on January 7.
  • During the first week of May, the town's foundation is celebrated, where cultural activities such as the Encounter of Colonies, the Festival of the unpublished song Maguaré de Oro and the interdepartmental meeting of dances, among others and various sporting events , Organized by the Mayor of Puerto Asís.
  • In August the cattle fair Expoasís takes place, since historically Puerto Assís has been recognized like cattle municipality. This fair has horseback riding, equine exhibition, canine competition and livestock exhibition, in which the best farms of the Putumayo, the neighboring departments and the border area of ​​Ecuador participate. Also the Departmental Reign of the Livestock is realized.
  • On October 3, the Patron Saint's Festivities are held in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, whose program includes the La Selva oral storytelling competition, organized and promoted by the Catholic Church.

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