Centro Experimental Amazónico

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The CEA, Amazonian Experimental Center, is an environmental observatory that promotes scientific and traditional knowledge in order to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region and the tourists who visit us. It is a place of preservation of flora and fauna, and research that facilitates students and community knowledge of nature. It has an extension of 131.6 hectares of which 90% constitutes the natural forest.

It is located at kilometer 8 of the road leading from Mocoa-Villa Garzon. It is jurisdiction of the municipality of Mocoa. Capital of the department of Putumayo. and a few meters on the road that goes to Mocoa is located the Tourist Inn Dantayaco that offers the services of lodging, food, tourist information

There are 6 projects:

PISTICAL STATIONS: Promotes research on the reproduction of Amazonian species and cropping systems for the promotion of fish farming in the region.
THE STATION OF HYDROBILITY RESOURCES: Research and transmission of technologies in kind.
CREAS (Center of reception and recovery of wild animals): Home of passage where it is treated and recovers the animals that have been mistreated or taken from its natural surroundings, until they are in optimal conditions to return to its natural environment.
BOTANICAL GARDEN: It is a biological collection of medicinal medicinal plants, scientifically organized according to law 299/96 on botanical gardens and registered to the network of botanical gardens of Colombia. It aims to promote the knowledge, conservation and use of medicinal plants.
VIVERO FORESTAL: Production of plant material to promote afforestation and watershed conservation programs. Learn how to build a nursery, the components of a nursery, the different seeds, processes of germination and transplantation of plants and seedlings.
SURAMO STATION: The objective is to generate cultural roots and sense of belonging to the region, this place is emblematic fauna of the south of the Amazon that can no longer be released.

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Villagarzon-Mocoa, Mocoa, Putumayo