Fin del Mundo Waterfalls

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The waterfalls "Fin del Mundo" are magical and heavenly, there you can do hikes of an hour approximately, ranging from 540 meters to 800 meters above sea level. Also you can fully enjoy crystalline water wells, landscapes and Amazonian nature in the Putumayo region. It is a paradise wanted by inhabitants of its surroundingsand tourists from different countries.

To reach the waterfalls Fin del Mundo in the Putumayo, you can reach the village San José del Pepino km 6 via Mocoa leading to Villa Garzón, next to the tourist inn Dantayaco (tourist hostel and tourist information point) and before the river Cucumber. In Google maps you can locate the lodging Tourist Dantayaco or Ecoturismo Putumayo (coordinates 1 ° 05'45.3 "N 76 ° 37'49.6" W)

From this place where the vehicle is left (parking service at the Posada Turística Dantayaco, guides and tourist information of the Putumayo) we proceed to take a veredal road, which take us to the magical Amazonian paradise of the Cascadas fin del mundo, (Mocoa, Putumayo gate of the Colombian Amazon), with a time of between one hour or hour and average according to the physical state of the people, this trekking is cataloged in level three (scale of 1 to 5 being one the simplest or easy) Starts at 520 meters above sea level and its highest part is at 822 meters, the first thing that we find is a suspension bridge in wood on which we surpass the river Mocoa. When we cross it, we take a left turn and follow the path.



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Mocoa, Putumayo