Natural Reserve Paway Mariposario

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Located in the village of San José del Pepino in the city of Mocoa, Paway aims to teach the value of the forest and natural resources through the zoocría of butterflies.
The place has accommodation service, a butterfly garden, spaces for hiking and sighting of flora and fauna, as well as serving as an ideal framework for environmental education.


In the midst of nature, visitors will be able to enjoy four different lodging options such as the ecocabaña in the tree, the ecocabaña of the trunk, the ecocabaña of the creek and camping area, with prices also very comfortable ranging from $ 30,000 per couple night, up to $ 120,000 for 8 people.

The butterfly

It has a flight area and a laboratory in which its metamorphosis can be observed, thanks to the zoocria program that allows its reproduction for research, conservation and commercialization purposes.

Sight of Flora and Fauna

Inside Paway are giant trees entangled with plants and moss, inhabited by birds, lazy bears, butterflies and monkeys. In addition, in the soil of the jungle, where the largest animals of the Colombian Amazon inhabit, it is possible to admire the process of decomposition of leaves, seeds and fruits.


The ecotourism park has three hiking options, the river that consists of 1,250 mts, the forest of 1.400 mts and the well of 300 mts, certainly an excellent option to walk through the forest and let yourself be carried by nature, respecting the environment.

Environmental education

In Paway, several investigations are carried out on native species of fauna and flora, with the premise of ensuring their conservation, so that visitors can witness the metamorphosis of insects and the natural regeneration of timber species.

The Ecotourism Center is also notable for the zoocría of butterflies, being biological corridors of monkeys and deer, as well as natural habitat of lazy bears, mico red skin, armadillos, guaras, borugas, birds and insects.


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Villagarzon a 7 kilometros de Mocoa