Urcusique Caves

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These caves are very small, they are very close to the main road, which means that it is very visited by people and that these do not take care of preservation of this eco-tourist destination, affecting its natural environment. Visiting it is very easy is one of the destinations that are near to Main road that goes from Mocoa to the municipality of Villagarzon and very close to this last population.

In this cavern we can observe several species of Bats between them called sucks blood or vampires, due to this when there is proliferation of these bats the neighboring people place traps with poisons so as to diminish the population of these animals and in this way to diminish the impact or damage that they cause to the domestic animals more than everything, these class or species are cause more damages than everything to domestic animals that there are in the region, since the other species of bats feed on fruits or which causes that their effects do not be so felt by the settlers.
very close to the caves of Urcusique is a viewpoint to contemplate the population of Villagarzon.

Fuente: http://www.destinosecoturisticos.com

Latitude: 1.152340
Longitude: -76.651055